About me


Fashion illustrator and artist

Fashion and arts were always with me, since my childhood. First I started drawing in primary school, and all my workbooks turned out to be all drawn with fashion girls on the last pages. In the meantime I was studying in school of arts, dreaming about being a fashion designer. When the time came to choose the college, I've decided to learn clothes design at first, and continued with footwear and accessory design. 

I used to work as a freelance designer (had a project with Coca-Cola) during my studying. Then I worked as a footwear designer in Russia and China after graduation. When I had enough of designing, I decided to change my point of view on the fashion industry and switched to the brand management and buying. It was an amazing experience! I can say, that I have a full picture of the fashion market now. 

All these points makes my vision on the illustration and arts not stylish only, but commercial and trendy as well.